My name is Tikelah, or Miss T, and I have a home in the Corner House.
I grew up with a home. I lived with my grandma.
She raised me and loved me.
My grandma cared about me.
I had a home with her when I was young.

Then I was on my own and lived in a lot of group homes. I didn’t like my group homes.
People call them homes, but for me they were not.

Then I started to go to Reality Ministries.
I made lots of friends. I really love Reality Ministries.

After hanging out at Reality or hanging out with friends, I would say “Can I go home with you? Can I go home with you?”

And then I moved into Corner House and I found a home. People care for me and are kind to me. I have my own room. I help cook and clean dishes.
I couldn’t do that in the group home.
But now I can.