Equity Work

Reality Ministries’ Inclusion Statement

Reality Ministries is rooted in the all-inclusive love of Jesus and the belovedness of every person. Our community includes all sorts of difference…ability, race, ethnicity, faith, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, theological perspective, socioeconomic status, citizenship, language. Committed to fostering a community of respect and standing against all forms of discrimination, we seek to be a community of welcome where inherent dignity is affirmed, diverse gifts are celebrated, and sacredness of every person is valued.

A core value at Reality is our journey towards becoming an anti-racist and anti-ableist community. We regularly gather as a staff to engage in the hard, slow and essential work of prioritizing equity. We’ve read books together, engaged in workshops and discussions led by local leaders, and have committed to monthly staff gatherings to continue engaging in this important work.

We want your feedback.

We believe a crucial part of this work is both offering and receiving feedback in order to learn and grow together. In this exchange of feedback, our staff commits to sharing with our community when we notice words or actions that don’t align with our deep value of welcome. We also have several avenues in which our community can let us know if they’ve seen or heard something harmful in this space. We hope these exchanges will lead us all towards a more welcoming and beautiful community of belonging.

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