Reality Ministries Residential Program creates intentional opportunities for friends of all abilities to share life together.

Reality Ministries owns and supports the Corner House and the two Friendship Houses, both in the North Street Neighborhood of Durham.

The Corner House seeks to be a home of care, prayer and hospitality and currently has 8 residents, including three Reality participants.

The Friendship Houses provide transitional housing where persons with IDD live together with Duke Divinity students in an atmosphere of mutuality, friendship and welcome. There are two Friendship Houses, each with two apartments, and 16 total residents, including four Reality participants and 12 students.

In the Corner House and the Friendship Houses, we hope the shared life nurtures each and every resident to belong and to grow.

There are currently no openings in Reality residences, and all active participants will be informed whenever openings arise. Duke Divinity School students interested in exploring the possibility of living in Friendship House, please contact

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