Our Mission

To create opportunities for adults with and without developmental disabilities to experience belonging, kinship and the life-changing Reality of Christ’s love.

Our Statement of Inclusion

Reality Ministries is rooted in the all-inclusive love of Jesus and the belovedness of every person. Our community includes all sorts of difference…ability, race, ethnicity, faith, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, theological perspective, socioeconomic status, citizenship, language. Committed to fostering a community of respect and standing against all forms of discrimination, we seek to be a community of welcome where inherent dignity is affirmed, diverse gifts are celebrated, and sacredness of every person is valued.

The Heart of Reality

ALL Abilities

Reality seeks to bridge the divide  between people with and without developmental disabilities through friendship. Barriers break down when participants and volunteers share life together in a variety of ways.

Come As You Are, to Love and be Loved

In contrast to many goal-oriented services that seek to improve or change people with disabilities, Reality’s focus is on mutual friendship and growing together. While Reality is a faith community rooted in the Christian tradition, people of any or no faith are fully welcomed.

Shared Experiences

Relationships flourish through a variety of activities: communal meals, outings around town, music, fitness, dances, community service and many organic expressions of friendship. Reality friends are there for each other, from celebrating birthdays and weddings to being present with one another through the hard times of life.

A Place to Call Home

Reality homes are spaces where people of diverse abilities reside in intentional community, anchored in the practices of eating, praying and celebrating together.

Our Partners

Reality is grateful for the faithful support from our community partners, including:

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