A story from Greg Little (our Director of Residential Life) who lives in Reality’s Corner House with 8 housemates: his wife Janice, their kids JoyAna (3) and Eli (almost 4 months), Bonnie, Erin, Lee, Tony and Ms T.

Ms T has encountered lots of sadness this last week and her radiance has also emerged in many beautiful ways. Almost everyday around 11am Ms. T goes on a walk with Eli, JoyAna, and some combination of me, Janice or Erin.  It has consistently been a space of delight. One of the joys is watching Ms. T’s exceptional friendliness burst through, even against all odds with physical distancing. Every time we see someone, she yells across the street “Heyyyy, I wish I could come give you a hug, but…distancing” and her smile beams. There are other times throughout each day where the loneliness of this season sets in and that distancing is a source of pain for her. But on our walks, the quarantining is almost transfigured into just another pathway for letting people know she loves them and a new channel for her to care for others.