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Where are they?

People living with disability are a significant portion of our population, but where are they? Where you eat, shop, work, work out, play, worship…are they there?

This is a truly marginalized group, literally out of sight. We don’t even notice that we don’t see them. And we don’t know what we’re missing. 

Reality Ministries exists to bring folks from the margins to the center, for the sake of us all. We’re building bridges over the divide between people with and without developmental disabilities through friendship; and we’re discovering that we’re incomplete without each other. 

We are making space, creating opportunities for adults of diverse abilities to experience belonging, kinship, and the life changing Reality of God’s love. We are a community of belonging, sharing life together in rich and transformative ways.  

At the Reality Center, at the Reality Farm, in the Reality residences, we focus on mutual friendship and growing together. Relationships flourish through shared meals, outings around town, hospitality, learning and fun..

Your donation will help expand Reality’s mission

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, we were forced to close the doors of the Reality Center. People with disabilities are at higher risk for harm from COVID, and they are also at higher risk of isolation and loneliness.

Even as physical distance has become the rule, we remain a community of connecting, belonging and relationship, Evening groups and dozens of interest groups gather over the course of each week. There’s Song-Writing, Cultural Exploration, Virtual Travel, Sign Language, Karaoke…and so much more. 

Zoom isn’t for everyone, so we’re writing letters, crafting handmade coloring books, mailing out monthly Scripture/prayer guides, chatting on the phone. We suffer the loss of our embodied community with profound sadness. And we’ve discovered unexpected gifts amidst the challenges; we’re getting to know each other in new and different ways.

In this Share the Love campaign, we prepare for a world beyond COVID, when we can safely open our doors and restart our in-person programming. We expect a surge of new participants and volunteers after this extended time in isolation. Our vision is for Reality to continue to be a place of welcome and belonging, especially as our numbers grow! To fulfill this vision, we need to add two more Community Leaders over the next two years — staff members who shepherd our participants and volunteers with energy, creativity and love.

We celebrate both the ways that all of us are beautifully different, and also the ways we are bound together by all that we share in common.

We celebrate the inherent dignity of every single person.

We celebrate the many and diverse gifts of the men and women of our community.

We celebrate the ways that our relationships mutually transform us.

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