Reality Farm

Welcome to the Reality Farm!

Our Farm space offers us an important perspective for thinking about belonging at Reality. At the Farm, our work together allows us to develop a relationship with one another and with the land itself. We deepen in friendship with one another through our work together, and we deepen in friendship with the land through caring for it and allowing it to nurture us with good food in return..

Here at the Farm, we work together to nourish our community with beautiful and delicious food.. At the same time, we find ourselves nourished by the good work and the friendships that sprout up as we dig our hands into the soil.


Join us for a Workday – ALL are welcome
Saturday, Oct. 8
3120 Mount Sinai Road, Durham

Check out the Farm Blog for more stories from the farm.
Contact Amy Curran, Farm Program Coordinator at if you would like to get involved.

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